Vinyasa - All Levels

Vinyasa is a strong and flow-based style of yoga that connects breath to movement. This dynamic and moving meditation offers opportunities for creating strength through longer holds as well as release in postures connected seamlessly by breath. You'll sweat and feel deeply cleansed by practicing this vigorous style. This shorter length class is designed for individuals on the go who want to be able to prioritize their practice and maintain life-balance during busy times. 

Fundamentals of Flow


This class is intended for the brand-new beginner or advanced beginner to acquire the alignment and mechanics of the postures before connecting them through flow.. This can also give more experienced students a challenge by holding postures longer while exploring alignment and focusing more intently on breath. 


Parental yoga will support mamas-to-be through each trimester of pregnancy and into postpartum. Classes provide a safe yet empowering experience, and will create ease in the mother’s ability to bring new life into the world.  We will provide appropriate asana modifications for mamas in each stage of pregnancy. We also welcome postpartum mothers, by guiding them through a gentle yet effective path back into practice and restoring connection to core. 

Balance & Center

The perfect class to end the hectic work week!  Lunar Slow Flow Vinyasa sequences are offered to balance and align the energies in the body.  Lunar energies (also known as Yin) are associated with the Moon, and are cooling, meditative, slower, and focus you inward.  Flowing in connection with the breath, some postures may be held longer in conjunction with specific, guided Pranayam (breath) practices to allow for releasing tension from the body and mind.  Class may also include meditation and/or energy healing.  Suitable for all levels. 

Strengthen & Focus

This slow-paced vinyasa class, performed in a gently warmed room, will help you to build core strength while centering the mind and surrendering thoughts. Breath is utilized and directed during longer holds of postures to bring focus to the mind and transitions between postures are slowed to strengthen the body. This class is suitable for those with at least 6 months of regular yoga practice.