Michelle Anastasi


I walked into my first yoga class in 2004, after experiencing some personal losses as well as being in constant physical pain from injuries sustained in a car accident 10 years prior. Looking back on that first class, I can now see how dramatically that class changed my life! It set me on a path that has ultimately healed much of my own personal trauma and granted me the amazing opportunity to help others on their own path of self-healing.

My yoga training originally focused on a vinyasa-flow style, influenced by the Astanga system, but as I sought to more deeply heal anxiety and depression, life directed me to Restorative Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, and Yoga for Warriors trainings. Along with yoga training, I hold certifications in various energy healing techniques, such as Usui Reiki (Master / Teacher), Arcturian Healing (Level IV), and many quantum healing techniques.

So, what does all of that really mean? It translates to my classes being intuitively guided in the moment, as I respond to the vibrational energy of the class, therefore all classes are unique. My intention, as a teacher and healer, is to offer guidance and assistance in helping your journey be a little lighter.

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