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“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi


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We are honored to share the multitude of benefits of yoga by encouraging your unique development of a consistent and authentic yoga practice.

We come together as a community to share our energy and support one another on our paths toward greater physical health, an elevated sense of well-being, and self-actualization.


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Oh and take the little one, we've got $5 childcare🐣

We offer child care for just $5 per drop-in or FREE if you have an unlimited membership. Make the time for self-care and check out our schedule.


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The teachers and staff at Yoga Nova are committed to offering you their very best in guiding you through your yoga practice and experience at the studio. Yoga Nova’s founders and husband and wife team, Lisa and Bo, believe whole-heartedly in the transformative power of yoga that they have experienced themselves and are honored to share it with others.


Community-Oriented Yoga

Each month Yoga Nova hosts a class or workshop which will benefit a local non-profit organization. Some of the ones we have worked with are listed below. We are proud to be able to give back to our community and to help others in need!

Community Table and Food Pantry - Bedford, MA

Community Table and Food Pantry - Bedford, MA

Vibha - USA and India

Vibha - USA and India

Dignity in Asylum - Concord, MA

Dignity in Asylum - Concord, MA


New to Yoga?
These are some questions we get all the time - you’re among friends!

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I’m new and scared, what class should I take? If you are a brand new yoga student , begin in the Fundamentals class. If you have a couple of yoga classes already under your belt or can’t make the Fundamentals class, feel free to try different styles with different teachers to see what speaks most to you. Our all-levels classes are taught with clear cues so that even more beginner students can feel safe & comfortable. We offer the Intro Special ($25 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes) so that you can sample our schedule.


I cant touch my toes, does that mean I shouldn’t do yoga? No! Most adults are not naturally flexible, we do yoga to become more flexible, not because we already are. Yoga is a wonderful complement to other forms of exercise such as running, cycling and strength-training, because all of those activities can make your body less mobile and inflexible, putting you at a greater risk of injury. Yoga can help to create endurance in the other activities you love doing as well as improve your focus and energy.

What should I wear to class? Deodorant. Just kidding… Wear clothing that is fitted enough to the body so that the teacher may see your form. Really oversized t-shirts will fall over your head when you are upside down in down dog. And please - if you are wearing shorts - wear something underneath (i know… but you’d be surprised!)

What do I need to bring? Just yourself! Ok, maybe just a water bottle. We have mats available to borrow for free, as well as all props like blankets, blocks and straps. And we do have water in case you forget yours!

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Are your classes ok for pregnant women? Yes! Many of our instructors are either pre-natal certified and/or have practiced throughout their own pregnancies. We are happy to offer you modifications to accommodate your changing body. We of course want you to get permission from your doctor and prefer that you have yoga experience already. As a general rule, most OBs say that whatever you were doing before pregnancy is safe to continue during pregnancy, we’d love to help you maintain your practice, it can offer so much benefit to mama and baby.

What is the room temperature? Our classes are usually practiced in a room temp ranging from 77-82 degrees. We like a cozy, comfortable, warm but breathable room to allow for more muscle pliability and safety. We also offer classes that are titled “Heated Vinyasa” which are heated to around 90 degrees. The temps may vary depending on the weather outside as well as how many students are in class.

Ready to move?

Where should I park? Parking is a breeze here! There is tons of on-street parking outside of the studio on Great Rd, as well as all around the church green a block away - there are no parking meters in Bedford, Yay! We have a few spots in our small lot right in front of our studio door. There is also a huge parking lot directly behind the studio at the Town Hall and a short foot path connecting you right to our back door.

When should I arrive? You can arrive 10 minutes before class and have enough time to set up your mat and grab props and take a few minutes to get grounded before class begins. if it is your first time you might arrive a few minutes earlier to get acquainted with the space and let us know if you have any injuries or concerns.


I’m running late/need to leave early, is that ok? Of course, life happens. Please don’t skip class because of logistical things like getting stuck in traffic or being scheduled for a meeting. Your practice is important, we understand if you need to sneak in up to 20 minutes late so that you can fit it in. The same idea applies to leaving early. Let the teacher know beforehand, set up in the back of the studio and please take a savasana before leaving. You can leave any props on the floor, just roll up your mat and exit quietly.

How often should I practice yoga? For great results we recommend practicing 3-4 times a week, but practicing 5-6 times a week has the power to really change your body, your attitude and your life.


New Students - 2 Weeks Unlimited for only $25!

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